Deir El-Qamar

Dental Tourism describes the increasingly popular practice of travelling to another country to obtain care. Lebanon is a prime destination in this field because patients are having the highest standard of care with a fraction of the price paid in Europe, the United-States or the Gulf. At our clinics, a big part of our patients come from abroad. They come to Lebanon for a family visit and have their teeth fixed at the same time, or they come straight for dental treatment and combine it with a holiday in Deir El-Qamar . Deir El-Qamar is a popular touristic destination because of its location in the heart of lebanese mountains. Beirut International Airport is only 40 min drive. It's a charming picturesque city with a perfect location to discover Lebanon without being stuck in the heavy traffic jam of Beirut business districts. It's a city that has a lot to offer in and around it.

Deir El-Qamar and its surroundings:

Leaving Beirut via the southern coastal highway, beyond the town of Damour, a right-hand junction takes you over the highway and up the hills of the chouf. This area is very rich with a wide variety of greenery and vegetation and many natural beauty spots, historical sites and examples of Lebanese architecture.

Deir El-Qamar has small restaurants and souvenir and craft shops.

If you are coming directly to us and need an accommodation we are ready to assist you in arranging discounted hotel rates located at a walking distance from the clinic. We also propose a fully organized stay, including guided tours.

Deir El Qamar MAP

Not to be missed:

-Deir El-Qamar historical sites

-Deir El-Qamar summer festival (

-Beiteddine historical site (10 min)

-Beiteddine international festival (

-Chouf cedar reserve (

Deir El-Qamar - CHOUF

Deir El-Qamar, El-Chouf
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Cell phone: +961.3.226 212

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