One of the most exciting techniques in cosmetic dentistry today involves bonding a thin laminated veneer made of porcelain to the enamel tooth surface. Its primary advantages are the beauty and durability of the material. Because porcelain doesn’t stain like composite, it remains attractive for a much longer period of time. In addition gum tissues tolerate porcelain well.

Offering a natural look and feel, veneers allow the cosmetic dentist to dramatically change the length, width, color and shape of a tooth. Restoring teeth to their natural beauty, veneers also resist staining, creating an enduring white, bright straight smile.

Porcelain veneers can improve not only the color but also the size and shape of your teeth for a total smile makeover.

About a case...

Porcelain veneers may be the best option if you:

  • Want a significant change in the color of your teethven
  • Want highly esthetic results with reduced potential of staining
  • Have front teeth with extensive decay old fillings that are discolored
  • Would like to close minor spaces between your front teeth
  • Are frustrated by fillings that continue to stain or are too visible
  • Want a smile makeover that will improve tooth shape and brighten tooth color
  • Want to avoid the chipping that can occur with composite bonding