An autologous product derived from the patient's own blood is used at surgery to accelerate healing and bone formation when combined with a bone graft, implant surgery or other bone and soft tissue augmentation procedures. In the case of dental implants this accelerated healing can allow the fitting of teeth or prostheses over the implants in a shorter period of time, and is likely to improve the overall implant success.

globules-030407impThe blood concentrate, a highly regenerative product contains potent growth factors necessary to begin tissue repair and regeneration at the wound site. Concentrated autologous platelets contain large reservoirs of growth factors that have the potential to greatly accelerate the normal healing process, naturally. The use of concentrated growth factors is considered by many to be a "new frontier" of clinical therapy and creates a paradigm shift affecting all segments of the medical profession.

Clinicians have reported...

The use of this bioactive therapy enhances:
  • Bone Growth and Maturation
  • Graft Stabilization Wound Sealing
  • Wound Healing
  • Haemostasis

Bioactive therapy

bloodLeading clinicians in specialities such as dental, ENT, and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery routinely use concentrated platelets due to their ability to deliver a cocktail of bioactive growth factors.