Need to make a move?

Orthodontics repositions the teeth so that they come together properly, and it is by so far the best treatment for most bite problems. Orthodontics is the longest-lasting and most conservative treatment option, however it does require a significant time commitment. In some cases orthognatic surgery is combined with orthodontics to achieve faster and better-looking results.

Orthodontics is the treatment of choice when the top priority is keeping the teeth natural and unaltered. It is without a doubt, the best way to correct malpositioned or crooked teeth. With orthodontic treatment, the teeth eventually will become aligned proportionally, making it your safest bet for a long-lasting and esthetic solution.



What causes bad bites?


A bad bite is typically caused by genetics. For example the teeth may not fit in the jaws properly, or the teeth may not be in a correct relationship with the rest of the face. Destructive habits, such as lip or nail biting or clenching and grinding teeth, also can cause bad bites. Finally, loss of the teeth without proper replacement can cause the bite and the face to collapse, resulting in an aged and unattractive appearance.